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Otago Institute presents the 2016 special lecture

Inside the Nobel:

Otago academics explain this year's Nobel Prizes

8 December 2016 • 4:30PM • Hutton Theatre  • Otago Museum 

SCI Inside the Nobel Poster 16

 We will be holding our Annual General Meeting after the special lecture starting at 6pm in the Hutton Theatre.



2016 New Zealand Aronui Lecture

Aronui-the knowledge of being human

Prof. Konai Helu Thaman, Professor of Pacific Education and Culture and the UNESCO Chair in Teacher Education and Culture at the University of South Pacific

01 December 2016 • 5:30PM • Hutton Theatre  • Otago Museum

 2016 12 Culture Matters

2016 New Zealand Rutherford Lecture

Big Steps Forward

Osteoporosis and bone disease 

Prof. Ian Reid MD FRSNZ, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland

29 September 2016 • 5:30PM • Hutton Theatre  • Otago Museum

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2016 Hochstetter Lecture

The forensics of volcanic catastrophe - how to study large explosive eruptions

Prof. Colin Wilson, Victoria University of Wellington

22 September 2016 • 5:15PM • Barclay Theatre  • University of Otago 

The forensics of volcanic catastrophe A3 Poster v2


 2016 Otago Institute for Arts and Sciences Award for General Excellence Premiere Award Winner!

 Congratulations to Aidan Hung for his project "Ban the Beads"


Aidan Hung (L) & Kim Hageman, President of OI (R)


The Royal Society Of New Zealand 

Ten by Ten Lecture Series

Prof. Tim Naish, Director of the Antarctic Research Centre at Victoria University of Wellington

Prof. James Renwick,Professor of Physical Geography at Victoria University of Wellington

04 August 2016 • 5:30PM • Hutton Theatre  • Otago Museum

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Otago Institute Postgraduate Travel Award Finalist Presentations

Free • 20 May 2016 • 12 noon • Barclay Theatre  • Otago Museum

All welcome

 OI Travel Awards flyer 2016

• 2016 Student Travel Award ~ Winners!


Kate Brookie (Psychology)(L) & Prashanth Thevkar Nagesh (Microbiology and Immunology)(R). Prashanth received the Otago Institute Applied Research Award.

Otago Institute Public Lecture

Emeritus Professor Chris Ackerley

Free • 6 May 2016 • 4 PM • Barclay Theatre  • Otago Museum

All welcome

Samuel Beckett and the Physical Universe A1

Dr. Richard W. Carlson, Director of the Carnegie Institution for Science

14 March 2016 • 5:30PM • Burns 2  • University of Otago

All welcome

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Otago Institute Lecture

Dr. Maria A. Pozza, Helmore Ayers Lawyers, Christchurch

8 December 2015 • 1PM • Hutton Theatre  • University of Otago

 NZ and the Laws of Outer Space A1


2015 New Zealand Aronui Lecture

Prof. Iain McCalman, Co-Director of the Sydney Environment Institute, University of Sydney

8 December 2015 • 6PM • Hutton Theatre  • University of Otago



Otago Institute Supported Lecture

University of Otago experts provide insight into the science behind this years Nobel Prize awards in Physics, Medicine and Chemistry.

10 December 2015 • 5:30PM • Hutton Theatre  • University of Otago

All welcome

SCI Nobel Poster 15 2


Dr. Miro Erkintalo, Department of Physics, University of Auckland

22 October 2015 • 5:30PM • Hutton Theatre  • University of Otago



The Royal Society Of New Zealand

2015 Leonard Cockayne Memorial Lecture

 The Otago Institute for Arts and Sciences was delighted to host Dr Janice Lord to deliver the 2015 Leonard Cockayne Memorial Lecture on Thursday 3 September.  Dr Lord in a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Botany at the University of Otago and she presented a fantastic insight into the flora of the subantartic islands. The role of careful observation (often in frigid temperatures) in understanding ecological processes was also highlighted.  Sir Alan Mark (pictured) presented Dr Lord with her award. Photos by David Lyttle.

Alan DSC 7079AlanJ DSC 7095


Dr. Janice Lord, Department of Botany, University of Otago Dunedin

3 September 2015 • 6PM • Hutton Theatre  • University of Otago

Flowers in the Fridge


~Distinguished Professor Peter Schwerdtfeger, FRNZ, Massey University

27 August 2015 • 6PM • Hutton Theatre • Otago Museum



2015 Rutherford Lecture flyer going super heavy


The 2015 Hochstetter Lecture

Dr. Nick Mortimer, GNS Science, Dunedin

6 August 2015 • 5:30PM • Archway Lecture Theatre 3 • University of Otago



~ Professor Antony Braithwaite, Department of Pathology, University of Otago 

16 July 2015 • 5:30PM • Hutton Theatre • Otago Museum


 Cancer From Tissue to Molecule A1


~ 2015 OI Travel Award Presentations...

Date: 14 May (Thursday) at 12 noon

Venue: Kakapo Room, Otago Museum

2015 travel awards




~ Humanities Distinguished Professor Brian McHale, Ohio State University,

"Taking it Literally: What Science Fiction is Good For"

15 May 2015 • 4PM • Hutton Theatre • Otago Museum

   McHale posterOI




~ Professor Gerry Gilmore

"Gaia - Mapping the Milky Way" 

Date: 11 May (Monday) at 6PM

Venue: Castle 2 Lecture Theatre, University of Otago

Professor Gerry Gilmore (FRS), a New Zealander who now works at  Cambridge University, England, was one of the original team who proposed the Gaia mission in the early 1990s, and now leads the UK involvement, and one of the Gaia data processing and analysis centres.




~ Dr Stephen O’Brien, Chief Scientific Officer at St Petersburg State University,

author of science adventure stories, Tears of the Cheetah and other Tales from the Genetic Frontier

24 April 2015 • 6:30PM • St Davids Lecture Theatre • University of Otago





2015 Royal Society of New Zealand Distinguished Speaker Frances Ashcroft





2015 Royal Society of New Zealand Lecture by Emeritus Professor
Erik Olssen (right) and Dr Malcolm McKinnon (left)

"How is New Zealand's population changing?"






The Beatrice Hill Tinsley Memorial Lecture with Dr Tamara Davis

Sponsored by the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand Lecture Trust

in co-sponsorship with Otago Musuem and the Dunedin Astronomical Society




Associate Professor David Hutchinson & Professor Cliff Abraham, Two New Centres of Research Excellence

CoRE talks flyer



The RSNZ "Ten by Ten" lecture with Dr Martin Reyners




Royal Society of NZ, Charles Fleming Lecture Tour ~ Dr Mike Joy


 Sir Alan Mark presenting the award to Dr Mike Joy (photo by Arlene McDowell)




• 2014 Student Travel Award ~ Winners!

Chris Niebuhr, Zoology(L) & Jill Assawasuwannakit, Pharmacy (R)



Dr Eric T. Meyer, Oxford Internet Institute ~ Crowdsourcing Research: Crowds, collaboration, and knowledge in a digital world







 AGM, 19 December 2013, 12 noon with guest lecture from Dr Ian Griffin, Director Otago Museum






Professor James Snyed, University of Auckland, RSNZ 10x10 Lecture Series ~ The Queen of Planet Earth, 15 October 2013, 6PM, Hutton Theatre, Otago Museum


An Evening with the Rutherfords ~ RSNZ Rutherford Discovery Fellows share their research, 19 September 2013, 5:30PM

   • Dr Shinichi Nakagawa, Zoology, University of Otago

   • Dr Peter Fineran, Microbiology & Immunology, University of Otago

 Professor Mick Roberts, Massey University (Albany) ~ Epidemics and pandemics: A numbers game? 18 July 2013, 5:30PM, Hutton Theatre, Otago Museum

 • Professor Terry Speed ~ A new frontier: Understanding epigenetics through mathematics,18 June2013,6PM,College of Education

Maths and Stats and Biology, Oh my! 23 May 2013, 1PM, Castle C featuring

    • Dr David Bryant, Maths and Stats, University of Otago ~ 'Quantifying your inner Neanderthal'

    • Dr Mik Black, Biochemistry, Universtiy of Otago ~ 'Free is Good - Open Access Cancer Genomics'


Neville Peat - Otago's own award winning author and historian presents

"Lance Richdale: Movies of a Pioneer Seabird Researcher." Featuring digitised original Richdale footage, accompanied by entertaining naration with Peat's own unique historical perspective.


Professor Margaret Brimble - Royal Society of New Zealand Rutherford Medal Lecture 

     "Mastering molecular chess to mine nature's medicine chest."