About the Institute


We undertake a number of activities that are intended to inform, educate, and enlighten all members of the community in the greater Otago and Southland region, and to support young researchers as a means to providing encouragement for the next generation of researchers.


Benefits of being a member of the Otago Institute for the Arts and Sciences include: 


• Receiving personal notifications of the upcoming talks from high-profile researchers

• Opportunities for interdisciplinary collegiality and collaboration

• Supporting community understanding and engagement in the Arts and Sciences by

      ° Providing school outreach/visits in our regional community

        ° Sponsoring and participating in the New Zealand International Science Festival

        ° Writing a popular science column in the Southland Times

• Supporting young researchers in our region in their endeavours in research by

      ° Sponsoring Otago Institute Young Researcher travel awards

      ° Sponsoring prizes for the Aurora Otago Science and Technology Fair

      ° Sponsoring junior post-graduate researchers Honours Thesis prize

 • Associate membership in the Royal Society of New Zealand