The Otago Institute Postgraduate Student Travel Award

Congratulations to our 2017 second round winners!

The winners of the second 2017 round of the Otago Institute Postgraduate Student Travel Award are:

  • Adam Denny, "High-density lipoproteins - more than just the good cholesterol"
  • Jason Lew, "An exercise a day, keep the heart disease away! Is it true?"P71027-130520.jpg

Honourable mention:

  • Houman Alimoradi, "Overcoming biological barriers using a nano-sized Trojan horse"
  • Manjula Devananda, "A Primary Health Care Data Model to Support Population-based Workload Analysis"


Congratulations to our 2017 winners!

 1st Prize: Nick Shields (Pathology): Living drugs: Harnessing the power of T-cells to combat cancer

    $1000 towards conference travel

2nd Prize: Chloe Wall (Philosophy): Knowing (From) Me, Knowing (From) You: Are Memory and Testimony Analogous?

     $500 towards conference travel

Honourable mention: 
Stephanie Junior (Geology): Analysing Gold in Earth's Mantle: a Petrological and Geochemical Study of Au in New Zealand Peridotites
Sophie Gangl (Chemistry): Global ocean anoxia during ancient 'greenhouse' climates: Prospects for a warming world


Congratulations to our 2016 winners!

Winner (Otago Institute General Postgraduate Award): Kate Brookie (Psychology), "Does an Apple a Day Keep the Psychologist Away?"

     $1000 towards conference travel

Winner (Otago Institute Applied Research Award): Prashanth Thevkar (Microbiology and Immunology), "Identification of a Novel Antiviral Host Factor of Influenza Virus"

     $1000 towards conference travel


Congratulations to our 2015 Winners!

Winner: Imogen Roth (Pathology), “Tumour suppressor gene or wolf in sheep’s clothing?  A p53 isoform story”

$1500 towards conference travel and multiple collaborator visits

Runner-up: Jaz Morris (Botany), “The acid test: genome mutation confers pH-stress tolerance in a cyanobacterium deficient Photosystem II”

$500 towards conference travel and collaborator visit


Congratulations to our 2014 Winners!

 Winner: Jill Assawasuwannakit (Pharmacy)

     $1500 towards conference travel.

Runner-up: Chris Niebuhr (Zoology)

    $500 towards travel for field research.


Congratulations to our 2013 Winners!

 Winner: Abhishek Gulati (Pharmacy)

     $1500 towards travel to Scotland and Greece for conferences and collaborator visit.

Runner-up: Maria Pozza (Law)

    $500 towards travel to Cambridge, UK to undertake a prestigious fellowship.


Congratulations to our 2012 WINNERS!

Winner: Cleo Davie-Martin, Chemistry Department, "Modelling the vapour drift potential of current use pesticides"

Runner-up: Owen Jones, Psychology Department, "Long range communication between synapses- a role for astrocytes"