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Nurturing curiosity and engagement in the advancement of science and arts in Otago and Southland.

The Otago Institute is a Regional Constituent Organisation of the Royal Society of New Zealand. In many ways our activities reflect the values of the RSNZ, but more importantly a firm commitment by our members to community outreach and engagement. It is our goal to provide timely, relevant, and qualified expert information to people in regional communities in order to enhance their understanding of research, give them the tools that they can bring to bear on issues that impact their lives, and thereby improve their awareness of the importance of research to their happiness and well-being as well as that of their community and country.


Upcoming Events

2017 New Zealand Rutherford Lecture: Prof. Michael Corballis

2017 NZ Rutherford Lecture Prof Michael Corballis NZ tour poster JPG

Otago Institute Postgraduate Student Travel Award

The four finalists for the 2017 Otago Institute Postgraduate Student Travel Award will give short presentations on their research, after which the judges will award the first- and second-place scholarships. Time: 12-1 p.m., May 19. Venue: Barclay Lecture Theatre, Otago Museum. All welcome!


  • Sophie Gangl: "Global ocean anoxia during ancient 'greenhouse' climates: Prospects for a warming world"
  • Stephanie Junior: "Analysing Gold in Earth's Mantle: a Petrological and Geochemical Study of Au in New Zealand Peridotites"
  • Nick Shields: "Living drugs: Harnessing the power of T-cells to combat cancer"
  • Chloe Wall: "Knowing (From) Me, Knowing (From) You: Are Memory and Testimony Analogous?"